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The Invoker by Jon F. Merz


On a rainy autumn night in Boston, Lawson is sent to terminate a man whom he believes is a drug dealer. It is just another day in the life of a Fixer – a guardian of the secret vampire society that lives within our own, and has its own rules and Council. As the man lies dying, Lawson realizes that there is something wrong with the entire situation, and the man – who pleads with Lawson to protect...

Riever’s Heart – Renee Wildes


As many of you know, I am not a huge romance reader, so it will probably surprise you that I’m going to say upfront – I really liked this book. 4 of 5 stars liked it.  Aryk is the leader of a clan facing a hard reality. The constant infighting between the Clans of Isadorijka causes endless, needless deaths, prevents his people from any real trade, and ultimately keeps them living as barely more...

Raised in Fire by K.F. Breene


I really loved this book. It is the second in the Demon Days, Vampire Nights series BY K.F.Breene As much as I am a stickler for starting at the beginning of a series, I’m not reviewing the first book in this series, Born in Fire.  I picked it up while sitting with my Dad during his last days, and I really needed something that I thought would be lighthearted enough to provide a mental break for...

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